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It was a dream, a desire, it became a passion for
Cynthia Robert, its creator.

March 2019, a world opens up, knowing exactly what I want to do: offer my style of clothing.

My style is vintage modern.


Every day, Cynthia and her team work hand in hand with suppliers from Europe.

The products are then manufactured in Italy or Portugal.

Each raw material is carefully chosen
for its quality, its durability, but also for the pleasure of contact with the skin.

The raw materials come
30% from Europe and 60% of the rest of the world.


Drawing, decomposing, recomposing to arrive at the perfect cut, it is within her workshop that Cynthia the designer and her team, work to find the most beautiful materials and the most beautiful prints that will reveal her clothing lines.

Valuing the woman of today, her spirit, her attitude and her personality, this is what the Berthie collections tend to express.

Creating the right product, the best quality, the design adapted to wear both during the day and for an evening, are the key inspirations of the designer and her team.

Corporate culture

Berthie is a brand where doing well, well-being is at the heart of the company:

a team that grows every year where kindness and good humor reign.

Perfection is the daily challenge, we want
to offer you the most beautiful collections for all seasons.


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