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C.R Studio

Handmade by Cynthia Robert

I'm Cynthia Robert

After founding Berthie, I am ready to share my second passion with you. The ceramic...

I work on each piece in my studio. Each piece is modeled by hand.

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The love of craftsmanship

I find my inspiration in nature and the landscapes that surround me. I am fascinated by organic shapes and natural textures, which I incorporate into my creations. My pieces are often decorated with floral and leaf motifs, reminiscent of gardens and forests, but also sparkling colors

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A new approach

I try to have an original approach to pottery and the way I work with it.

I pay close attention to detail and finish, and make sure every piece I create is perfectly balanced and proportioned.

I also use a wide variety of pottery techniques, from glaze to relief sculpture, to bring my creations to life.

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